Modest Beginnings

Modest Goods is a San Francisco Bay Area based small family run business with a simple mission. “Providing unique and premium grade goods at the best prices”. We started off with a simple product (Our classic leather handmade journal) and aspire to provide much more quality goods in the near future. Our inspiration for choosing the leather journal as our foundation was based on how simple the product was, while being such a powerful tool for so many people including us. Let our quality speak for itself. We strive to prove unmatched quality and service to each and every one of our customers and are always available to help. We encourage you to pick up a Modest Goods product that will allow you to let your creativity flow and channel your inspiration. 

Join us in our journey:

We here at Modest Goods believe that giving to those in need is the greatest gift. A portion of our profits is allocated towards ensuring proper healthcare and education for children across Southeast Asia. We have continuously supported numerous families in need over the past five years and have no plans to stop. Join us in our journey to make this world a better place than we found it. It's good Karma!